Creating Successful Businesses with Jetts Franchisees


Vikrant Rana shares his experience and sustained success from owning an incredibly successful Jetts Gym in Accrington

“Joining Jetts has been brilliant, the whole journey of becoming a franchisee was super smooth,” said Vikrant (Vik) Rana, one of our franchisees and owner of Jetts Accrington.

Before opening his first gym in 2018, not only was Vik new to the fitness industry, he’d also never opened his own business. Thanks to his hard work, dedication and support from the Jetts team, Vik has found continued, sustainable success since Jetts Accrington opened. The business was so successful, Vik and the Jetts team worked on an extension which doubled the size of the gym, adding a new women’s area.

The Jetts team, including James Garner, Director of Jetts UK, provided support every step of the way. From the initial sign-up process to the gym’s extension, Jetts are proud to provide all our franchisees proactive business support.

“I looked at other gym brands, and I felt some of them were quite pushy to get my franchise fee. I think it’s always a red flag when you know someone’s pushing you to sign, because if it’s a good opportunity, it sells itself,” said Vik.

“I had a lot of support from Jetts’ support office. I’d never opened my own business before so there was a lot of assistance, which I needed. In our initial conversations, James said they would be giving a lot of support, at a level which I felt I wouldn’t get with the other gym franchises I’d looked at.”

A1 gym locations available throughout the UK

This support included finding an A1 location to open the new gym.

“We found a fantastic location in Accrington, and James got a cracking offer, which was incredible. The marketing team then helped us achieve very strong sales when our pre-sale opened.”

Of course, the Jetts 247 Fitness team continues to provide support long after our franchisees’ initial business opening. “During the lockdown, there was a lot of help. James spoke to our landlords and negotiated an agreement which really helped during a tough time for the country.”

The support throughout the lockdown, a difficult time for businesses across the UK, didn’t stop there. “Jetts were able to react quickly and brought out a smartphone app as well, helping to keep members engaged even while they couldn’t come to the gym in person. It made a huge difference to how we were able to keep our members engaged and then retain them once we re-opened.”

The Jetts 247 Fitness team provides business owners with monthly marketing campaigns to bring in new members and keep our existing community of gym goers engaged. Our focus on high sales and retention figures for our franchise owners helps to keep profits high and ensure our business owners are successful.

We also aim to answer any questions before they arise. “The support is always there,” said Vik. “If there’s ever anything I need, I feel I can always pick up the phone and speak to James, or our Ops manager. But there are never really any questions that I need to ask, because they’ve already been answered.

“We launched new six week training programmes including a new boxing for fitness training programme at the beginning of the year, and we had everything prepared well before Christmas. The organisation makes a huge difference to how we are able to plan, prepare and communicate the constant innovations from Jetts to our members and prospects.”

Jetts in Accrington has been incredibly successful since launching, but we’re always looking to make improvements for both our franchisees and their gym members. That’s why we supported the gym with a new extension last year, which has helped Vik and the team to increase membership numbers by around 50%.

“We’ve almost doubled the space, going from 5,500 to around 10,000 square feet. We’ve also added a women’s area, and added more, new equipment.”

The community response has been incredibly strong. “Not only were the current members happy, as they’re still paying the same price and they’ve got a gym twice the size with a lot more equipment. But a lot of newer members also love the newly refurbished and extended facility.”

In a lot of ways, Vik’s journey as a Jetts business owner is only just beginning! After completing the extension last year, Vik has his sights set on opening a second gym with Jetts in the future.

“In many ways it feels like I’ve already had a second gym with the extension as it almost doubled in size, and we had another presale campaign as if we were opening up a new gym. I do plan on getting a second gym and continue to discuss locations with James and the team. I guess it’ll feel more like a third gym!”

Interested to find out more about owning your own Jetts Gym?

We’re incredibly proud of the hard work our franchise owners put into their gyms, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for our franchisees! Our growing network of gyms is going from strength to strength, and we’d love for you to join us.

Vik has found fantastic success with Jetts, and you can too! We have prime locations available to open gyms throughout the UK. Join one of the fastest growing gym brands in the country and create a successful, sustainable business with support from our team.

“Our gym’s been very successful, I definitely don’t regret the decision to join Jetts. It’s been brilliant, the whole journey of it. The fitness industry is a great place to work in itself and the journey with Jetts has been amazing.”

If you want to discuss opening your own Jetts gym and to find out more about why our franchisees open multiple sites with us, get in touch with Sam on [email protected] or call 07557 400 515 today!

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