Version: P100V1.240314

What’s this all about?

Jetts Membership Hold Policy let’s you know;

  • Who can put their membership on hold (and who can’t!)

  • How long can your membership be placed on hold

  • How you can place your membership on hold

  • When can’t you place your membership on hold

  1. Membership holds are available for…

    1. All Freedom (direct debit) and 12 month Advance (paid in advance) memberships can be placed on hold (as long as no fees are outstanding)

    2. A paid in advance membership for less than 12 months does not have the option to be placed on hold

  1. For how long?

    1. You can place your membership on hold for a minimum of 7 days per hold period and a maximum of 12 weeks (84 days) for a 12 month period. You can place your membership on hold for any number of days (minimum of 7 and up to 84 days)

  1. How do you do it?

    1. To place your membership on hold, please contact your club directly and work through the relevant steps
    2. Written notice must be provided 7 working days prior to the date your direct debit/ payment is due. Your membership will then be put on hold for the specified number of days starting on your next payment date. I.e. If your payment date is usually the 1st of the month, a freeze requested on 15th of the month will take effect from the 1st of the following month. 
    3. A membership is not to be back dated

  1. Club requirements

    1. Once we’ve received your membership hold request, the Club Manager will action the hold within one business day of receiving the notification

    2. You will receive an email confirmation of your Membership Hold within 2 business days, detailing the date that the hold will automatically be removed

  1. Sorry…

    1. If you have any outstanding fees, your membership is a paid in advance for less than 12 months or you can’t provide written notification via email or letter we may be unable to put an immediate hold on your membership

Version: P100V1.240314

What’s this all about?

Jetts Foundation Membership let’s you know;

  • What we’d call a foundation membership

  • What’s good about being a Foundation Member

  • When a membership is no longer a foundation membership


  1. So who is a Foundation member?

    1. A Foundation member is any member who has joined a Club prior to the official opening day.

    2. Any member that joins on the day of opening or any day after the opening day would hold a regular Club membership and therefore not have a foundation membership

  2. What’s cool about a foundation membership?

    1. A Foundation member is able to keep the same membership price (direct debit amounts) for the their entire (continuous) membership period

    2. An Advance (paid in advance) membership must be renewed before it’s expiry date to stay as a Foundation Membership

  3. Oops! Here’s how you might lose a foundation membership…

    1. You forget to renew your Advance (paid in advance) membership before its expiry date

    2. You transferred your Advance (paid in advance) membership to non-Member

    3. Your Advance (paid in advance) membership is cancelled or terminated

    4. Your Freedom (direct debit) membership is cancelled or terminated

    5. You have outstanding fees owing on your Freedom (direct debit) membership

    6. Your Freedom (direct debit) membership is transferred (in line with our Membership Transfer Policy)

    7. You act in a way unsuitable, harmful or illegal way

Policy: Jetts Membership Age Policy

Version: P125V1.01042014

What’s this all about?

Jetts Membership Age Policy lets you know;

  • That we value our younger Members!
  • How low do we go
  • What help is needed from Mum or Dad (or whoever’s in charge)
  • What’s OK and off limits at the Clubs

1.     Our young Members count!

1.1.  We believe exercise for all ages is very important and that’s what why we have memberships for younger members! We also believe that the exercise they do needs to be safe and staffed (with a Jetts Team members at the Club) for some of our youngest Members.

2.     As low as 16 years old!

2.1.  Our minimum age for younger members is 16 years of age. Under 16…sorry you’ll just need to wait.

3.     Help please!

3.1. If you’re under 18 years of age, Mum or Dad (or a legal guardian) will need to read and sign (or co-sign) a few forms with you;

  • If you are 16-17 years of age these forms include our Membership Agreement, a Fighting Fit PAR-Q Form and an Orientation Form.
  • If you are 16-17 years of age you will need to complete the Exercise Readiness Form and a Club Orientation Form with Mum, Dad or a legal guardian observing.
  • Both our Membership Agreement and a Fighting Fit PAR-Q Form will require a co-signature from Mum, Dad or a legal guardian.

4.     What can and can’t you do

4.1.  Our 16-17 year old Members have full access to all the facilities (unless there are any medical restrictions). Your access card will provide full access and should be shown to a Jetts Team Member when arriving at the Club each session.

4.2.  Our 16-17 year old members can access any Jetts Club, any time. Check out our website for Club locations and Staffed hours – https://jetts.co.uk/find-a-gym/

Policy: Jetts Membership Transfer Policy

Version: P110V1.01042014

What’s this all about?

Jetts Membership Transfer Policy let’s you know;

  • What we’d call a membership transfer
  • What paperwork needs to be done


1.     So what is a membership transfer?

1.1.  A membership transfer is when a current Advance (Paid-in-advance) or Freedom (direct debit) member, transfers their membership to another non-member. For an Advance membership, this would involve transferring the remainder of their membership time

2.     Time for some paperwork! Here’s what’s needed…

2.1.  The new member will need to complete;

  • Membership Agreement Form
  • A Fighting Fit Form
  • A full Club Orientation and a signed Orientation Form
  • And if your under 18 years of age, a Parental Consent Form and Exercise and Physical Activity Readiness Form

2.2.  The member transferring their membership will complete a Membership Cancellation Form

Policy: Complaint Handling Policy

Version: P115V1.240314

What’s this all about?

Jetts Complaint Handling Policy let’s you know;

  • That we appreciate and welcome complaints (we prefer to call it feedback!). We’ll try our very best to  resolve a complaint quickly and easily and use it to help to improve
  • We can keep a secret
  • How you can make a complaint
  • How we process, recorded and track a complaint
  • What to do it your still not happy

1.     Thanks!

1.1.  Hey, thanks for taking the time to read through our policy. You’re feedback might help us improve what we do for all our members!    

2.     Let’s chat!

2.1.  Maybe we can resolve the issue straight away? Why not pop into your home club and chat with your Club Manager. After all, they are there to help you!

3.     Confidentially speaking

3.1.  Whenever possible, your details will only be known by those directly concerned with your issue. We want to make you feel as comfortable as possible in giving us feedback

4.     How can you make a complaint at a club

4.1.  It’s easy! Just send an email to you home club (have a look on our website, under ‘Find a Club’ if you’re not sure what the email address is www.jetts.co.uk. It will be the location followed by jetts.co.uk)

4.2.  In the email, remember to confirm the following points, so we can make things right;

4.2.1.     Your name, your home club, your email address and best contact number

4.2.2.     What happened – the date, was anyone involved and a detailed description

4.2.3.     Do you want/need this fixed? If yes, what would you suggest?

4.2.4.     Do you want a reply? If yes, how (email, phone call, meeting?)

5.     Here’s how we’ll look after your feedback

5.1.  Once it’s received, we’ll forward your feedback onto the relevant club and club manager, who will respond in due course. 

5.2.  The club will assess your situation and email you a tailored response, hopefully containing details of how they can fix things within three working days (if more time is needed to look into the matter, they will let you know!)

5.3.  Hopefully that all works out fine… but if not, your feedback will move up the chain of command and will be assigned to someone else who can help you. We will do all we can to resolve your complaint and record all we’ve done to do so, you can access this at any point. 

5.4.  Our club records will be closed once the issue has been resolved.

6.     If you’re still not satisfied

6.1.  If you feel your issue has not been resolved completely, you can also contact Jetts UK Support Office at i[email protected]. Please provide the complaint details mentioned above in section 4.

6.2.  The Jetts UK Support Office will send you a confirmation email, assess your situation and then hand it over to the best person to resolve it

6.3.  The ‘best person’ will have a look at the situation and email you a response, within three working days (if more time is needed to look into the matter, we’ll let you know again!)

6.4.  Our head office records will be closed once the issue has been resolved

6.5.  If (in the very unlikely event!) we still can’t resolve your complaint, please feel free to contact your local industry body

We don’t have many restrictions, but we do take health and safety seriously. It is a condition of your membership that you understand and abide by the following club rules:

  • Towels to be used on all resistance machines and floor mats.
  • Weights to be replaced after use, including repositioning equipment in correct place if removed.
  • 20 kg plate weights to be replaced on bottom weight tree only.
  • Weight pins to be removed from all resistance machines after use.
  • Fit balls and stretch mats to be stored in correct location after use.
  • Water spillages either on the gym floor or in the bathroom are to be removed immediately.
  • Covered shoes to be worn at all times.
  • Equipment is to be shared if requested by another member.
  • Cleaning station is to be used to wipe over cardio equipment.
  • All personal belongings to be left in dedicated open lockers.
  • Under no circumstances are non-members to be let into the facility or brought in unauthorised during unstaffed hours.
  • In the event of a faulty machine please advise the Manager on duty or in the event the club is unstaffed please attach a “Out Of Shape” sign onto the machine in a clearly visible position.
  • Machines are not to be used when a “Out Of Shape” sign has been placed on the machine.

Jetts clubs worldwide operate a ‘Member of One, Member of All’ policy, meaning Jetts members can use any Jetts club in the UK and internationally at no extra cost.

If over an extended period of time you are frequently using one club more than your primary club, we reserve the right to transfer your membership to the club you use most frequently. This may mean a change in your membership price in-line with your new primary club. This would not be done without contacting you and making you aware of the change.

Version: P120V1.0104205

What’s this all about?

At Jetts we are committed to breaking down barriers to fitness for all in order to provide a workout space that is fully inclusive. We value the difference that our diverse, members and gym communities bring and therefore, everyone who walks through our doors should feel welcome and accepted for who they are.  

We consider any act of unlawful discrimination, harassment or bullying in relation to an individual’s gender identity to be in direct conflict with our company mission and our culture and values. 

This policy outlines our commitments and the steps that we take to ensure that transgender members, are treated with dignity and respect and are not disadvantaged or discriminated against.


It is important in the context of gender identity to understand the differences between the terminology of ‘sex’ and ‘gender’:

  • ‘Sex’ tends to refer to biological differences
  • ‘Gender’ tends to refer to cultural or social differences

For the purpose of this policy, we use the word transgender as a term to encompass all varying terms for those whose gender is not the same as, or does not sit comfortably with, the sex they were assigned at birth. Managers, employees and members should respect how an individual chooses to describe themselves and should avoid making assumptions. Using inappropriate language and terminology can cause offence and distress and undermines our efforts to create an inclusive environment.


We are committed to ensuring that everyone has the same great opportunities available to them and to promote workout spaces that is inclusive of people and their gender identity.

To achieve this, we adopt the following approach: 

    1. DATA COLLECTION & MONITORING: Data relating to an individual’s sex is collected during the new member join journey process for the purpose of providing access to gendered changing rooms within our gyms. This excludes some gyms which provide individual unisex changing facilities.
    2. ADVOCATING TRANSGENDER EQUALITY: We understand that the transition process will be unique to each individual. We are committed to supporting those who have made the decision to transition and upon being made aware by a member, that they will be starting or have started the process of transitioning; one main contact of support will be agreed.

Key Principles
• Support – Where an individual discloses that they are undergoing or will be undergoing gender reassignment the main support contact will work with the individual to develop a confidential action plan to support the individual’s transition process.
• Respect and dignity – Assumptions will not be made about someone’s gender identity, if a transgender individual chooses not to discuss this with you, respect this.
• Zero-tolerance – Transphobic behaviour will not be tolerated. Employees, members or contractors who behave in a discriminative way, will be dealt with appropriately either as a member rule breach, escalation to their respective company or, in the case of an employee, the disciplinary procedure.
• Complaints –Whilst we aim to ensure Jetts is a safe and positive environment for all, we do have robust procedures in place to ensure all complaints are taken seriously and support is provided to those who wish to make a formal complaint.
• Confidentiality – Everyone is entitled to be treated as a member of their self-identified gender and has a right to confidentiality about their personal circumstances. Information will not be shared with others, unless there is a specific reason, for example it is required by law and/or we have the written consent from the individual concerned to do so.


The below guidance is designed to clearly outline the key considerations to ensuring transgender individuals and those who are transitioning are supported at Jetts.

    1. COMMUNICATION: When informed directly by a member that they are in the process of transitioning or have transitioned, the gym management team will arrange a meeting with them to discuss whether any additional support is required within the gym setting and where necessary implement a Member Transition Plan.

    2. TIME OFF: Members who wish to update data held against their membership account, in relation to a name change or the sex they have previously selected when joining the gym, can do so by contacting the gym management team. 
    3. BATHROOM AND CHANGING FACILITIES: We will always support transgender, members and visitors of Jetts to use the toilets and changing facilities that they feel are most suited to them. If an individual is transitioning it should be agreed with them when they wish to start using the facility appropriate to their acquired gender.

      We recognise that for some, the use of the individual private changing facilities may offer a suitable option for those who are transitioning, however whilst the use of these facilities may be discussed with the individual, at no point should they be pressured to use these facilities or should it be seen as a long-term solution.

      Due to the open nature of our gym facilities, we recognise that others may raise concerns regarding the above points. Any concerns raised will be dealt with promptly and sensitively.

      In the above instance, managers will assist in finding a solution that ensures everyone feels welcome and supported.

    4. NAMES AND PRONOUNS: Mis-gendering is the intentional or unintentional reference to a person or use of language to describe a person that doesn’t align with their affirmed gender. Referring to someone by their previous name is an example of where this can occur and can have a negative impact on a transgender / transitioning individual. Pronouns are words we use to refer to people’s gender, for example he/she, his/her, some people prefer gender neutral language like they/their. We will ensure the preferred pronouns are used when addressing that individual.

      To avoid making assumptions about someone’s preferred pronoun, where appropriate you should ask an individual their preference. Consistently addressing a transgender person by their previous name and/or an inappropriate pronoun may be regarded as harassment.