Jetts Franchisees Celebrate Record-Breaking Jetts UK Gym Launch


An interview with Tony, the business owner of Jetts Newquay, which opened in June 2023 and achieved the most successful pre-sale results in Jetts UK history!


“I’m very happy with the decision we’ve made to join Jetts,” said Tony, franchisee at Jetts Newquay. “The current membership numbers have surpassed all of our expectations and our business planning! The uptake’s really been great, everything’s gone right so we couldn’t be happier.”

Tony, who opened Jetts Newquay alongside business partner Graham, had never opened a gym before. But dealing directly with the Jetts Support Team – led by James Garner, Director of Jetts UK – gave Tony and Graham a great deal of confidence in the brand.

“James was very honest, open, and gave a lot of confidence, in ourselves, in the area, and in regards to working with Jetts. The whole process was really smooth, really easy, and it’s been very hands-on with lots of support, which we’ve really appreciated.

“We’ve been given a lot of information and useful advice from Jetts, but we never felt like we were being spoken to by a salesperson.” This was one piece of contention for Tony when looking at other franchises, and ultimately his conversations with James helped to solidify his decision to join Jetts as a franchisee.

“When we went through the process with other franchises, it felt like they were hiding details from us, and it all seemed unrealistic – the numbers didn’t add up. But the conversations with Jetts were much more straightforward and down to earth.

“It was very much a logical conversation, where they clearly outlined the benefits of joining, and the costs. Nothing was hidden, and we made sure that both parties fit together, because going into business is a two-way street. Everything with Jetts was clear, open and up front.”

The latest Jetts Gyms designs really helped differentiate the brand and made it stand out to Tony and Graham, especially after booking a visit to some of our facilities. “It was what we thought a truly modern gym should look like. The aesthetic was really motivating, and it creates the kind of environment where people really want to push themselves and work out.”

Seeing some of our latest gyms motivated Tony and Graham to create a motivational, inspirational training space for their community. At Jetts, instead of using cookie cutter templates, we ensure our business owners are equipped with everything they need to create a bespoke facility with best-in-class systems, so they can deliver the affordable boutique-style Jetts experience for their members.

The popularity of the gym’s outdoor training zone is a testament to this, and is a real differentiator for the gym that we’ll be looking to include in future Jetts Gyms going forward.

The biggest launch yet for Jetts Gyms UK

Finding the ideal site and opening in the right area is essential to the success of any gym, and the Jetts Gym in Newquay was no exception. Together, we identified a gap in the market, and seized the opportunity to introduce our affordable, boutique-style gym into the community, leading to our most successful pre-sale and launch yet!

“As soon as word got out that something was happening, that a new gym was opening, it quickly spread throughout the community. There’s been no fitness facility in this area, so people were clearly excited.

“Our catchment area was definitely quite big too, because people expect to travel further in Cornwall than they might in London. So some of our members are from a little further away, which definitely presented us with more options from the beginning.”

And the location played a key role in the gym’s early success, as Jetts Newquay boasted record-breaking pre-sale and launch figures. “We’re surpassing all our expectations and business planning, so uptake’s really been great, and everything’s gone right. If there have been any issues, the support’s always been there, so there’s never been a problem getting things organised.”

Prior to joining Jetts Gyms, Tony had no experience in running a gym. Fortunately, the Jetts Support Team is on hand to provide ongoing support to each of our valued franchisees.

“We had no background in gyms in any way, shape or form,” said Tony, “So opening our first gym with Jetts was initially a business decision first and foremost. Now we’ve seen how successful the Jetts business model can be and how much of a difference we can make in the local community, we’re definitely looking forward to opening a second gym.

“We’ve already discussed the opportunity to open multiple locations. And when you’ve done it once, it makes it easier to do it a second time!”

Unrivalled support at every stage of the business journey

James Garner, CEO of Jetts in the UK, is delighted with Tony and Graham’s success at Newquay.

“I’m so proud to be working alongside such a dedicated, hard-working team of individuals at Jetts Newquay. Tony and Graham have been excellent to work with, and their success is testament to the hard work they have put in alongside the Jetts Support Team. They’re already looking forward to opening their second Jetts Gym. I admire their dedication, and we’ll be there every step of the way to support them in their business goals!

“I think the success of Jetts Newquay speaks volumes about our business model, and with the expansion to 15 gyms across our UK network, it’s an exciting time to join Jetts Gyms as a franchisee! I’d encourage anybody who’s interested in the fitness industry or in starting their own business to look into Jetts. Our franchisees benefit from larger territories, exclusive services, direct support from our industry-leading team, and all the buzz and positivity surrounding the Jetts brand. Get in touch today and we can discuss how we can help you create a successful business.”

We’re proud to offer unrivalled support at every stage of the business journey, helping franchisees across the country to create strong, profitable businesses while making a real difference in their community. If you’d like to find out more about joining Jetts Gyms as a franchisee, contact Sam Isherwood today.

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