Josh White, Jetts Franchise Owner, Shares Success at Skipton & Greengates Gyms


Profiling Josh White, Jetts franchisee at Skipton and Greengates on opening his second site and the continued success as a business owner with Jetts

“Working with the team at Jetts 247 Fitness has been a great experience so far,” said Josh White, one of our franchisees. Josh has found fantastic success over the four years he’s worked with Jetts.

Our franchisees have worked alongside the Jetts team to create strong, successful and profitable businesses, with over 90% of Jetts business owners having opened multiple sites. Josh has experienced great success in Skipton, which has led to him open a second North Yorkshire gym.

“We started in 2018 with our Jetts gym in Skipton,” said Josh. “We’re four years in now, and we’ve opened up our second gym in Greengates.”

Josh was given a great first impression with Jetts, when he had such a positive experience at his very first meeting four years ago.

“We had a meeting with Jetts, and with other people interested in becoming a franchise owner. A number of franchisees that had already opened sites were in the meeting too. They were already looking at their second gyms.”

Seeing this level of success from other franchise owners inspired Josh, and gave him the confidence to push forward with Jetts.

“It was like everyone had followed a similar pathway and had all seen great success with their own Jetts gyms. It was great to see that it had worked for everyone so well, and seeing their success gave me a lot of confidence in the brand.

“Now knowing the other business owners in the network means I have seen them also open second and third sites. I’m proud that my dad and I have also joined them as multi-site owners with the opening of Greengates.”

Josh didn’t come straight to Jetts. He researched and met with other gym brands before ultimately deciding to join our franchise. “We looked at another franchise who were very pushy and tried to make us sign right away. They ended up being so pushy that it pushed us away.”

Jetts 247 Fitness are always focusing on developing our gyms and our franchisees, an incredibly important aspect of our business that led to Josh choosing Jetts over other gym brands he was looking at.

“You’re constantly seeing the Jetts brand and the team develop,” said Josh. “Throughout our four years with Jetts, we’ve never seen the team sit still, and they’re constantly evolving. They’re on the 12th, 13th and 14th Jetts in the UK now, and they’re not stopping there, which is incredibly exciting as the brand becomes more and more established across the country.”

Just like the Jetts franchise, Josh is always looking forward, working with Jetts to find ways to improve the experience for his gym members. “We’ve got everything on one app, including on-demand workouts, nutrition guides, and the ability to book classes all in one easy place for our members.

“But nobody wants to train in a dated and rundown gym. Over the years, we’ve added new equipment to our gym in Skipton to keep things fresh and on trend. In our fifth year, we’re looking at doing a full refresh which we are able to do given the success of the gym.

“We’re also in the process of a complete refit of Jetts Greengates, ensuring we’ve got a fantastic new gym for Leeds and Bradford as our membership continues to grow at a rapid pace.”

Part of this development involves the hands-on support that our team offers to our franchise owners. “There aren’t hurdles put in place if you want to speak to someone. Andy covers all the Jetts clubs, and he’ll respond almost instantly. You’ll never have to wait for an answer.

“James is very hands-on with finding the right locations, the right conditions, and the right deal,” Josh continued. “We’ll be working closely with him when we start looking at our third Jetts site.”

Interested to find out more about owning your own Jetts gym?

We’re incredibly proud of the hard work our franchise owners put into their gyms, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for our franchisees! Our growing network of gyms is going from strength to strength, and we’d love for you to join us.

Jetts have immediate access to amazing locations across the UK, available now. Benefit from the exclusive products, services, and the Jetts brand, and we’ll help you maximise sales and retention.

Our ongoing support will help you attract new customers and retain existing gym members through our low cost, boutique gyms. We’ll provide everything you need to ensure your Jetts 247 Fitness gym is successful, while allowing you the flexibility to run your gym your way.

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