Jetts Gyms Announce 16th UK Gym to Open in Rothwell, West Yorkshire

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Jetts Gyms announces the presale of its newest facility in Rothwell, West Yorkshire, and introduces new franchisees Bradley and Linda into the business, as the franchise expands to 16 open gyms in the UK.


With a global presence that currently includes 15 UK gyms and over 300 facilities worldwide, Jetts Gyms is set to bring its innovative, affordable boutique gym model to its latest location in Rothwell, West Yorkshire, led by new franchisees Bradley and Linda.

Since first launching in the UK, Jetts 24/7 Fitness has brought a fresh approach to the franchise fitness market, incorporating high-quality facilities, bespoke programming and best-in-class systems to provide an industry-leading experience and foster a growing community of loyal members.

2023 has already been another very positive year for Jetts in the UK with four new gyms opening including Hammersmith, Newquay, Wandsworth and Colchester with some extensive renovations at Colliers Wood, Portsmouth and Greengates keeping our existing line-up of gyms fresh and supporting growing memberships in these gyms.

Our newest gym in Rothwell brings the affordable, boutique Jetts model to the bustling West Yorkshire town, providing a 24-hour access gym with state-of-the-art strength training and fitness equipment, our J-Series HIIT classes alongside and our layout and design creating what will be a unique, inspiring and motivating space for our members to train.

We’re excited to work alongside new franchisees Bradley and Linda, to bring a fresh fitness experience to the local community.

Are you interested in the prospect of opening your own gym? As we continue to expand the Jetts network into even more towns, cities and regions across the UK, we have even more premier locations available now.

Introducing our newest business owners, Bradley and Linda, into the Jetts franchise

Our newest franchisees, Bradley and Linda, are based in Rothwell, and have their finger on the pulse of the local community, really understanding the wants and needs of local residents.

Both owners also have a genuine passion for health and fitness, having competed in sports at a high level. This combination of local and industry knowledge will play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of Jetts Rothwell.

“I’ve always been very passionate about health and fitness, and have been serious about competing in different sports,” said Bradley. “So I’ve always wanted to eventually open my own gym within the local community. We looked at a few different brands, and Jetts was the perfect fit.

“Working with Jetts has been a great experience so far,” Bradley added. “Right from our initial conversations, the team were all open and honest about the franchise experience, and they’ve already provided fantastic support. I’m so excited to begin the presale and move closer to opening Jetts Rothwell!”

Introducing a true fitness destination into the bustling town of Rothwell

As Rothwell locals, Bradley and Linda have an intimate understanding of the market and community they will be serving. Set between Wakefield and Leeds, this commuter town has a population of 23,000, with excellent transport links into Leeds – widely regarded as the culture capital of the north.

Jetts Rothwell marks the third gym within the wider Yorkshire region, and will join Jetts Skipton and Greengates as we expand the franchise into more territories across the country.

The new gym promises to be a game-changer for the local fitness community in Rothwell. Spanning an impressive 9,500 square feet spread over two floors, we’re working with Bradley and Linda to create a true fitness desitnation, with state-of-the-art equipment and systems to cater to members of all fitness levels.

Centrally located in Rothwell’s trade zone, and surrounded by residential areas, the new facility is in a prime location with no direct gym competition, so is poised to become a fitness hub for Rothwell residents.

We’re looking to replicate the success of Jetts Skipton, which is currently at capacity with over 1,100 members. At the same time, we’re combining our expertise with Bradley and Linda’s in-depth knowledge to create a truly bespoke fitness experience catered to the wants and needs of the local community.

Want to learn more about upcoming franchise opportunities with Jetts Gyms?

James Garner, Director of Jetts in the UK, is excited to bring the Jetts brand and experience to Rothwell.

“On behalf of everyone in the Jetts Support Team, we’re delighted to welcome Bradley and Linda into our ever-growing family of franchisees. They both bring some unbelievable experience to the table, so we’re excited to move forward with the presale as we move closer to opening Jetts Rothwell.

“It’s been an incredible year for Jetts so far, with three brand new facilities opening in the summer, including our biggest ever UK launch! We’re not stopping there either, with even more exciting announcements on the horizon, including launching the presales for four new gyms. As well as Rothwell, we’ll be launching presales for Jetts Oxford Road, Farnham and Stratford, all before the end of the year.

“Now is the ideal time to capitalise on the buzz surrounding our brand and join Jetts as a franchise owner. I’d encourage anyone who’s interested to contact our team today.”

Interested to find out more about opening your own gym? You too can benefit from our larger territories, exclusive services, wider support, campaigns, and all the positivity surrounding the Jetts brand, and we’ll help you maximise sales, retention, and your return on your investment.

If you want to discuss opening your own Jetts Gym, get in touch with Sam on [email protected] or call 07557 400 515

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