Jetts are helping members get fighting fit in 2023!

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After a hugely successful 2022, Jetts have started 2023 with two brand new fitness programmes, free for all members!

At Jetts, we’re always looking to provide support to our franchisees by improving the value of our gym users’ memberships. Rather than following the crowd and discounting and slashing prices, we instead provide exclusive opportunities and results-based training programmes, helping our members get the most out of their Jetts gym and see the true value of being a member.

Our newest programmes, the exclusive new Jetts Boxing Camp and the 6-Week Jetts Fitness Challenge and are both six-week training programmes designed to help our members kick the year off right, with six weeks of strength and conditioning workouts, and group-based, instructor-led boxing training that create motivational training programmes for any member determined to get the most from their membership.

We’ve already seen a fantastic response from gym members from our 2023 campaigns with huge numbers of sign-ups across our fast growing estate of UK gyms.

Kickstarting 2023 with exciting new campaigns for our gym members

The team at Jetts work closely with our ever-growing network of franchisees to provide ongoing, proactive support, helping our gym owners run successful, profitable businesses.

Testament to this level of support are our two new six-week training programmes. Working closely with the international Jetts team based in Australia, we’re providing new and unique experiences and training programmes that keep members engaged with their Jetts membership, leading to higher sales and retention figures for our business owners.

Designed to support new gym sales throughout January and start 2023 strong, the Jetts 6-Week Fitness Challenge is all about getting members started with long-term changes to positively impact their lives. Through an exclusive online portal, members can access the video workouts, as well as blogs and healthy recipes to aid their health and fitness journey.

The Jetts Boxing Camp is a slightly more specialist offering, providing three instructor-led group training sessions per week throughout the six weeks as members learn boxing and pad-work technique and push themselves in high intensity workouts. Members also receive exclusive discounts on a range of boxing equipment to be used as part of the programme.

Interested to find out more about owning your own Jetts Gym?

Programmes and campaigns like this are what makes Jetts different, keeping membership retention and new sales high without relying on deep discounts and slashing prices.

We’ve got many more similar programmes, as well as new and exciting campaigns planned to roll out for the rest of the year. We’re just getting started as we plan to make 2023 the best year yet for Jetts UK business owners!

Jetts have immediate access to amazing locations across the UK, available now. Benefit from our larger territories, exclusive services, wider support, campaigns, and the Jetts brand, and we’ll help you maximise sales and retention and your return on your investment.

If you want to discuss opening your own Jetts gym and to find out more about why our franchisees open multiple sites with us, get in touch with Sam on [email protected], call 07557 400 515 or visit:

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